52E. Little People


We had to get up so early this morning. We only learned yesterday that clocks move forward at 2AM. We weren’t quite sure if this is something that our smart phones would know about. Much time was spent devising a plan to confirm whether or not the iPhones would make the switch. Here was our plan 1) the iPhone alarm set for 4AM 2) when iPhone alarm goes off check watch 3A) if watch says 4AM sleep for another hour 3B) if watch says 5AM get up.  Doing taxes all day scrambled our brains because the plan should have been 1) Set watch for 5AM. Considering a flow chart was needed for early morning decision making it’s a miracle we got up and going on time.

Our house host was there bright and early too. He insisted on doing a house walkthrough and escorting us out the door. The usual check out procedure is “leave the key in the mailbox”.


The train station was full of people. Lot’s of people. On close inspection we realized it was full of small children with little rolly suitcases and their parents taking lots of picture. The kind of pictures parents take when there kid is going away on their first big train ride. There had to be about fifty 7-8 year olds going on a train ride. Guess whose train they were on? Yes – it was ours. We prayed really hard that we would not be in the same car – Jesus smiled on us and put us one car away. Oh my friends, our prayers should have been for the chaperones and any captive adult in the little people car. Every time the door between trains opened all you could hear were little children – 5 hours of non-stop noise. One time the door opened and we could hear them all singing a little song. I must ask – who sends 7 and 8 year olds on a trip 5 hours away? The photo above are the children making their way from the train station to a bus where I’m sure they sang more songs.


We continued our journey to Bordeaux, France. This apartment is right in the middle of town – great location. However I question the design. It never occurred to me to ask how tall the ceilings in the apartment are. A clever response would be, “they average about 8 feet” This averaging methodology would hide the fact that the bedroom ceiling is about 12 feet high while the kitchen and bathroom ceilings are not even 6 feet. The designers basically decided to put a loft area over the kitchen to make another bedroom – and somehow the only bathroom in the apartment is up there as well. Scarlet and Brent cannot stand fully erect in 50 percent of the apartment. According to Brody the shower is even smaller. Poor 6 foot 4 Brent is going to have a terrible time of it. Even though I can make the cut I still find myself hunching over in the kitchen, afraid I may bounce the wrong way and smack my head.


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