62E. Brody & Anne Do the Louvre!!


From left to right: Mona Lisa, pushy Japanese tourists, Spanish lady in red sweater who physically moved Brody so her selfie would be better, the Wedding Feast, Scarlet and Brody.

Aunt Anne here.  Ahh yes, my first official guest blog.

Today the family fun activity in Paris was visiting the Louvre.  Everyone arrived to the museum with Rick Steve’s Louvre Audio Walking tours preloaded into their mobile devices with headphones at the ready.  Did I miss the memo?  After a quick pow-wow everyone went their separate ways to let the sweet soothing voice of Rick guide them through one of the greatest art museums in Europe.   Everyone, but Brody and I that is.  Thus began the Official Anne and Brody Louvre Art Treasure Hunt.

Rule 1.  There is no learning.  (this includes no audio, plaquards, random questions to strangers, or any tourist information).

The official Louvre Information guide maps out all four floors and three wings.  On each level, six pieces of artwork are highlighted as “must sees” and their locations designated on the map.  Thus we had our mission in hand- all 24 pieces of artwork in 1 hour 40 minutes.

Rule 2.  No looking at any piece of art except for the one we are searching for.

We would find our target artwork then rate the masterpiece on a scale of one to ten.  These scores were a complex algorithm based on whether we thought it was pretty, the ease of discovery, how big it was, and did it make us laugh.  Surprisingly, Brody and I were in concert with each other and scores rarely demonstrated variability beyond 0.5 points.

Rule 3.  If Aunt Anne begins to sweat, we are walking/running too fast.

After finding the target, we would then sit down and plot the quickest route to the next masterpiece.

Rule 4.  We always take the stairs.

After 1 hour 40 minutes we had a  meet up to ensure all family members were still alive.  Brody and I had only made it through 2.5 floors and could not for the life of us find the Saint Louis metal basin.  We were granted a one hour grace period and picked up Brenna and Scarlet to aid in our mission.

Rule 5.  If people join the mission, they must follow all the aforementioned rules and are not, absolutely not, allowed to make their own rules or interfere with the fine-oiled art hunting machine of Anne and Brody.


Please, it’s art people. 9 points (Anne) 8 points (Brody)

And ladies and gentlemen, by four o’clock, all artwork had been found save for the Mexican Sculpture from Chupicuaro.

Rule 6.  If a piece of art is in the Arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas museum which requires leaving the Louvre proper and using an alternate entrance, then it is exempt from the hunt.


At last — the coveted St Louis Metal Basin – 10 points (Anne) 9 points (Brody)

Over dinner tonight (a wonderful stir fry meal by Eliz), everyone recounted their stories about their favorite pieces of art, the inner meaning of the works, which era they liked the most, etc.  Brody and I had no idea what they were talking about, but we’ll rest easy tonight knowing we covered every square inch of the Louvre today.  Done and done.


3 responses to “62E. Brody & Anne Do the Louvre!!

  1. I’d tour it with Anne and Brody, they’re my type of museum visitors. Everything sounds fun with Aunt Anne in tow.

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