65E. Good Things Start With Belgian

We oriented ourselves to Brussels by taking a walking tour around the Grand Place. Usually we learn all about architecture and the historical significance of places. There were definitely buildings decorated to impress.

There may have been important things about the buildings but no matter how much gold leaf is shining it does not compare to the smells. Ninety percent of the shops we passed on our walk sold Belgian chocolates, Belgian waffles or Belgian Beer. It smelled so good we couldn’t stand it. In economic form we bought Belgian waffles topped with Belgian chocolate. Turns out the waffle is impregnated with sugar crystals. Everyone was beyond satisfied with our goodies. Thankfully Brenna had some travel wet-wipes to clean up her brother.

The other stores sell Belgian Lace…

And Belgian tapestries

Art is super important to us so we found the sculpture of the town mascot, Manneken-pis. This little guy is open 24 hours a day. He also is dressed in little outfits for special occasions and festivals. Luckily we are here in time to celebrate “zombie parade”. No clue what that means but his outfit is that of a little vampire.


6 responses to “65E. Good Things Start With Belgian

  1. Next stop will of course be the Belgian Military Museum with the German spiked helmet collection to die for and every Belgian uniform ever worn by each and every Belgian soldier plus their individual rifles. I’m sure Rick Steves has the audio tour so you won’t miss a thing. You can do this while Brenna scopes out honeymoon locations in Bruges.

    • Nope. We are going to give each kid a fistful of euros and tell them to buy their own chocolate Easter bunnies. Brent and I will drink beer while we await their return.

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