70E. Iron Crystal

20140418-085322.jpgAn iconic building in Belgium is their billion times magnified iron crystal known as the Atomium. It is so very odd but a great back drop for the 127 pictures the children took of themselves. The reason it is not better known is the “owners/designers” have a ridiculous copyright claim and sue (or threaten) the pants off of anyone who publishes a picture. It wasn’t until 2012 that they relented a bit and allow for individuals to publish private photos in personal albums. These owners must not understand publicity and marketing – they have done themselves and Belgium a great disservice.

Brussels is home to one of three European Parliament sites. We took a quick tour of the Parliamentarium. This is an educational exhibit on the EP exhibiting the historic events which let to its development. It is notable that 35% of the EP representatives are women- compare this to 19% in our own Congress – there’s work to do America!

Our trip was quick so we could catch our train to London. Boarding was delayed an hour. The train entering the chunnel was delayed an hour. The train exiting the chunnel was delayed an hour. Just for fun it was delayed another hour. We didn’t arrive until 10PM. We called the apartment landlords and they were not very sympathetic to our predicament of navigating London with children in the dark. Every other place we have stayed has met us at the apartment – this time we are using a company and we had to meet at one of their offices. Only one office was open after 10PM. This was a lot of unnecessary running around London and taking trips on the Tube so they could make a copy of Brent’s driver’s license. I’m already crafting my review for the Homeaway.com website.
These events only make us more appreciative of our stay in Brussels at the home of Kevin and Erin. Erin and my sister were roommates at the Naval Academy and offered their home for our stay while they were on vacation. At this point in our trip the space and amenities were such a welcome luxury. We cannot thank them enough and hope to return the favor in kind one day. I am also going to start a new organization plan for all of our books.


2 responses to “70E. Iron Crystal

  1. At least there wasn’t a language barrier, or maybe there was ? You can tell them that an uncooperative attitude like this was probably why your family left England in 1632.

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