71E. Time Motion Study


It is a requirement that all London tourists report to Buckingham Palace or a nearby road to witness the changing of the guard.


We made it an hour early to get a good observation point along the fence – in retrospect along the route would have been better. We staked our claim and then silently defended our territory through our wide stances and crossed arms.


Scarlet found the perfect vantage point along the fence next to a concrete pillar – Brody got to join her since he wouldn’t get in her way. When the pageantry started the Friend family were all well-positioned.


One of my roles back in the real world is process improvement. I spend time looking for ways goals can be achieved in a more efficient manner. Watching the changing of the guard sent my internal improvement synapsis into overdrive. The goal is to exchange a tired guard for a new guard. The current process takes about 2 hours. It includes a band – no wait – two different bands, a legion of marchers, a cadre of cavalry and flag bearers. None of these groups arrive at the same time and they come from somewhere across town. In a time motion study the ratio for the work required to goal achievement is ridiculously low. Even hamsters in a wheel are more productive. I realize that it is about tradition and entertainment – from an entertainmen perspective – flag waving should be incorporated.


The next free event was the British library- we arrived to find it closed. Not just for Good Friday but all through the weekend. Supposedly the exhibits will be open on Monday – we shall see. The next stop was the open British Museum. We didn’t explore everything, in fact we were kicked out at closing time, but there wasn’t much that one would consider British. The museum’s full name must be Things That Were Looted by the British Museum. There were rooms and rooms full of amazing antiquities from Egypt and Greece. Everyone knows of the Sphinx and how it is missing it’s nose – it is also missing its goatee. The goatee is in the British Museum.


There is a huge head of an old Pharoah – the display mentions that the body is still in Egypt.


The Parthenon can be observed in Greece – the shell of the Parthenon that is. The inside marble reliefs are in the British Museum. Learned people refer to them as the Elgin Marbles.


The mummy collection generated a lively dinner conversation over the morality of grave robbing for historical research.

But what was really cool, looted or not, was the Rosetta stone. This was the real deal.



3 responses to “71E. Time Motion Study

  1. Brenna and Scarlet: get a good fix on all that stolen Greek stuff as you may visit the scene of the crime in Athens! Elizabeth should have had a greater appreciation of the “changing of the guard” since as a youth she had a steady diet of reviewing P-rades and noon meal formations at USNA. Hey and Brenna not only reviewed the changing of the guard in Copenhagen but walked with them from their barracks.

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