74E. Da Vinci’s Notebook

20140421-190044.jpgOur packed day started with a trip back to the British library – it was OPEN!


They have an excellent collection of old manuscripts that should not be missed. Old manuscripts sounds really boring – so to be more specific: items from the Magna Carta, DaVinci’s notebook, the original Alice In Wonderland, Beatle’s lyrics written on the back of a birthday card for Julian, a Guttenberg Bible, the oldest known Biblical codex (4th century), edited version of Tess of the D’Urbervilles and I could go on and on. If you are jealous – don’t despair. My Indiana friends, IU has an excellent book collection at the IU Lilly library. They too have a Guttenberg!


We had to revisit the British Museum to see the parts we missed before. More time to admire the Elgin marbles. We then took a tour of the African collection. With so much history the next stop was the contemporary commercial mecca of M&M’s London. We were sucked in by the music, colors and chocolate – we each bought a bag of M&Ms in the colors/flavors of our choice. As of this writing I think they have all been eaten. The children took a test to learn what their M&M color was, see if you agree with the highly scientific assessment:

Brenna – Mega Mix – Too much of a good thing is a better thing
Arden – Yellow – Rain or shine you brighten someone’s day
Scarlet – Orange – You are nervous; nervous that someone is going to eat your M&Ms
Brody – Lt Blue – You’re determined to see a job through to the end


450 years since the birth of one of the greatest contributors to the English Language – William Shakespeare. This grand event is celebrated by a public open house at the Globe theatre. This theatre is near the site of Shakespeare’s original Globe theater – which burned down a long time ago. They had many activities for children and a fun group of Shakespearean improve actors in the theater. They were highly entertaining. It was interesting to see the theater does not have a roof, we learn something every day.


Not only is Shakespeares birthday being celebrated today (his actual birthday is Wednesday) it is St. George’s Day. This means another holiday with tents of food in all the fun squares around town. Tons of people everywhere. We were so very lucky the weather was so cooperative.





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