79E. First Class

It’s moving day from Cologne to Berlin. Like so much else on this trip – it was not the same as any travel day we have had before. After delayed trains and two missed tranfers on the way to Cologne we were more than happy to have a train that was directly to Berlin. We got ready with little fanfare and made it to the train station with 30 minutes to spare. And then they canceled the train.

The Berlin – Koln route is fairly popular so we found another train leaving only 30 minutes later. When we got on we found it was a nice train. A very nice train. So nice we suspected that it was not for the likes of us. Scarlet noticed that all the seats had an electronic sign above them that said “Reserved”. Guess who did not have reservations? The conductor let us know that we could ride on the train with our Eurail passes, we just had to sit in a seat that was not already occupied.
So many open seats, but as we stopped along the way to Berlin more people, with reservations (assigned seats) got on. Thus began the anxiety/relief cycle at every stop. Our family started to get displaced. We may not know a lick of German but everyone made it quite clear if we were in their seat.
It finally reached the point where Brent, Brody and I were forced to abandon the girls and head for first class. The girls have youth tickets (2nd) class while we have a family ticket (1st class). We have never ventured into first class. Brody couldn’t believe it. He got a large leather seat with a table all on his own. Every hour they passed out candy. He bought some M&Ms with his own money and got a toy train along with them for free. He could not believe his luck and now would like to travel in first class away from his sisters more often.




One response to “79E. First Class

  1. It just gets better and better. Does this mean you have achieved full fledged Refugee Status in the European Union ?

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