81E. Tear Down This Wall

For the kids, the Reagan quote from a speech in front of the infamous gate, is ancient history. The gate today is quite different than the barren cement wasteland 25 years ago. We toured the gate and many monuments and sites throughout the eastside of Berlin. It seems you cannot walk a block without a memorial for a specific group persecuted by the Nazi regime, just today we saw memorials for Jewish Europeans, Roma & Sinti, and the Politicians against Hitler. The below photo is the memorial to everybody touched by WWII and is the tomb of the unknown soldier and an unknown concentration camp victim. Somewhere in there we also saw a memorial for all the books burned by the Nazis. I think all bases have been covered when there are memorials for objects.
Moving on from WWII there was the memorial for victims who were killed trying to escape from East Germany. It still needs a little work to reach the caliber of the other memorials. It’s just some crosses on a fence while the others were commissioned pieces with astronomical budgets.
The memorials were not enough of a history lesson so we toured the German History museum. It covered 100AD to 1990 and took us about 2 hours to browse through, my feet were burning by the end. The museum had a number of displays but was really about the timeline not necessarily “must see” objects. So I took some pictures of things that remind me of my parents.
After so much walking there was no way I was going to stand in the kitchen and make dinner. We ended up back at the carnival in Alexander Platz and had the best currywurst and pomme friez. Then, because Brody made it seem like so much fun, all the kids tried the bungee trampoline. The style winner was Arden who mastered the front flip, back flip and double back flip. Brody said he certainly would have done a double as well if someone had just mentioned to him to do it.


3 responses to “81E. Tear Down This Wall

  1. My first visit to the Brandenburg Tor was 51 years ago. They had pretty much competed the swastika removal program but were still searching for the quadriga and had just hurriedly put up this “wall” (some sort of anti fascist traffic control measure). Monument erection, removal and remodeling keeps the Germans pretty busy. Remember folks its all about antifascism; 1933-1945 never happened !

  2. What a besutiful machine. Your next sewing project could be done on my tredle. Any chance you tried on the helmets?

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