84E. Defenestration

20140501-211933.jpgOur family has learned so much about geography, history and art during our trip. Today we expanded our knowledge with a new vocabulary word. Defenestration –

1: a throwing of a person or thing out of a window
2: a usually swift dismissal or expulsion (as from a political party or office)
Ensuring our children have as much kinesthetic learning as possible we visited Prague Castle where government members regularly experienced defenestration. There we saw the windows, plaques and grounds associated with defenestrations of yore. Evidently Prague used to have some loophole or caveat in their laws which made tossing a government official out a window perfectly reasonable.
After the political science lesson we moved on to theology and toured St Vitus Cathedral. This cathedral has a lovely window by homeboy Mucha. There is also the most opulent crypt to date – the church dimensions make it impossible to fit all the décor of it into one frame. Not only is it topped by about 2 tons of silver worked – it has an expansive canopy overhead with more silver angels. And this wasn’t even for Good King Wencelas, the other revered historical figure.
We toured the rest of the castle grounds and enjoyed the magnificent views of Prague. The afternoon was spent trying to fit in as many sites as possible – rain is predicted for tomorrow and we don’t want to have a repeat of Rome. The predictors were a day off and we experienced some showers in the afternoon. But that didn’t stop us from checking out the Lennon wall, Jewish Cemetery, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and the Atomic Clock. This means friend family homeschool covered art, religion, architecture, urban planning and physics.
We stepped into a church to see their holy baby. This little guy is the beatified cousin of our little friend from Brussels, mannekin-pis. The holy baby has lots of pilgrims from all over the world come to check him out and he gets spiffy new outfits kept in an upstairs museum – North Korea even donated a little outfit.
To avoid any confusion after yesterday’s blog – we have a place to stay in Prague. Our original plans were canceled two weeks ago, we had to scramble, but we found something. The cost was more but we are in a better location than the original arrangement. We may also be the first people to stay here – the smell of fresh paint lingers and there are workmen throughout the building finishing up other units. Pretty smart of the owners to rent out the units until everything is done and they can market for folks long-term. A downside is that the towels are brand-spanking new and we get fuzz all over when we use them.

2 responses to “84E. Defenestration

  1. This idea of throwing politicians out a window certainly has merit ! Will have a list for you as soon as you return !

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