87E. Vegas


This little plush purple fellow is Vegas – it says so right on his tag. He has been travelling with us and may be the most well travelled stuffed animal on the planet. But not for long – there is a company that will transport your stuffed animal on any vacation and take pictures of them along the way. That is ridiculous (writes the author who has been taking pictures of a stuffed animal at monuments.


Before this trip, Vegas was homeless, and didn’t really have a family. He was brought in to an office for a Toys For Tots toy drive. He was brought in by someone who cannot follow the simple direction of a “new’ “packaged” toy. If there was any confusion, there was a section that stated a list of toys NOT to donate one of which was stuffed animals. So someone brought in, not just Vegas, but an entire box of stuffed animals. They probably pilfered them from their own child while they were napping or at camp to cull the fluffy herd.


The box of animals stayed in the office. Slowly all  of Vegas’ friends disappeared. Some were claimed by office folks and others, well, they all just sort of went away. Vegas ended up finding different vantage points in my office space to peer at me. He just became part of the décor.


Vegas was inherited by another co-worker when I left work to make final preparations for the trip.


Clearly, Vegas was sad and missed me or perhaps the people at the office were overwhelmed by the responsibility of keeping him around.


An item was requested from the office and when it came back to me – Vegas was part of the package. He was coming on the trip!


So Vegas joined the Friend family and has been with us in the RV and in Europe. In the RV his home was in the fruit hammock (see if you can find him). For Europe he stays at the bottom of my purse so he never misses a glamour shot at an iconic monument.


And every time he has a photo – it is messaged immediately back to the office folks who can smile at what a wonderful life Vegas has had after so many month in a florescent lit office building.


It is fun to embarrass the children by taking all these pictures in crowded public areas. Taking a mascot on a family trip is highly recommended.

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