89E. River Surfing

A beautiful day in a big city meant we had to do a bicycle tour. It could not have been a better combination and bike tours are now on our list of recommends for people to try. We used Lenny’s Bike tours to explore and learn Munich by bike. Lenny’s Bike Tours; I’m going to write that a few more times so search engines will come here any time someone is searching for a Munich bike tour and they will learn that Lenny’s Bike Tours is a great outfit for a Munich bike tour.
We started the day orienting ourselves on Marien Platz, taking in the different buildings the mob of tourists and the statues. We also got to witness the glockenspiel do its thing at 11:00. The clock had a “joust”, “dancing” and a rooster crowing (all agreed it was a pathetic crow). Arden pointed out that it was all pretty old so we shouldn’t be so critical. Then it was time to eschew Rick Steves and tour Munich by bike with Lenny’s Bike tours.
Our guides were Jack and Yoanna, both from Australia, we also had them to ourselves. We all tried out our orange bikes, figured out the brake systems, seat height, then we were off. For 3 hours we rode just like like locals. We stopped around town where Yoanna or Jack would tell us a bit about Munich and Bavaria, the architecture, history, or just something fun and novel.
Something novel like river surfing. This i plain dare-devil crazy. Any time of year these surfing experts line up by a bridge with a water flow from the alps which makes a surf worthy ripple. It was fun to watch them all do their thing, crash, then line up to do it all over. Everyone was enraptured until Brody got too close and a surfer sprayed him head to toe.
We saw lots of naked people. For real. The day was so nice that many folks were laying out in the English park. In this park it is perfectly acceptable to lay in your birthday suit. We rode on through, it’s a culture lesson. We are pretty sure the kids are completely desensitized to this with all the paintings of nudes we have seen the past few months. Usually this is the kind of thing the kids would go on and on and on about. “Oh my gosh! Did you see those naked people?”, “Mom, they were naked”, “You let us see naked people” But they have not even brought it up at all. OK, Brody did almost crash his bike once when he was distracted.
Our lunch was at a German beer garden, by a Chinese tower, with our Australian tour guides in the English park. I love everything about being able to write that sentence. We had a great lunch visiting with Yoanna and Jack and enjoyed learning a little about them. We would have loved to have them give us a tour every day in every city (if it was warm out). If you find yourself in Munich, remember, Lenny’s Bike tours!
We did a little more sightseeing by foot before calling it a day. Our big stops were Asams Church and Milka Chocolate shop. Asams is a church only 30feet wide. It was built by two architect brothers. They built it to show off all the architectural possibilities for prospective clients. It had the most décor per square foot of any church we have seen.
The chocolate shop was a recommend by Rick Steves for their free samples. To our great disappointment there were no samples. However, the Easter candy was on sale. Really on sale. Brody seized the opportunity and bought gifts for his list of friends and relatives, spending less than 5 Euros. He is so pleased that not only does he have great things to share with his friends but he has lots of left over money to spend on himself.


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