90E. Ultimate Driving Machine

IMG_1419Germans make car factories exciting. BMV Welt is a huge showroom in a building like none other. Showroom is not the correct word – there are lots of cars to see but no salesmen. It is just fun to see the different models where they let anyone get in a car and sit behind the wheel. The architecture alone makes the trip worth it. BMV Welt has swooping walkways and a roof line which could double for an alien spaceship. The BMV Museum is a bowl shaped building and then the headquarters – they call it the 4-cylinder building. It’s a lot of fun.
IMG_1403The family spent hours at this place marveling over the cars. They had an educational section for Brody with hands-on activities to learn about engine materials and mechanics. A couple of the activities were just like ones he had seen at the science museum in Barcelona. The arcade like go-kart was a favorite of all the children. Brenna was the family winner, even beating Dad.
IMG_1368Not in any description literature was the 3PM show. They roped off an area and asked people to get bck. Brent and Brenna found themselves stranded on an island with a couple of cars. Little did they know that they would have front row seats to some BMW-pro driving around the place on a motorcycle. This included driving up and down stairs and across the sky bridges. Who knows why, but it was fun to watch.
IMG_1397The BMV museum had many more cars – but they were very clear that these could not be touched. There was more on the history and sustainability efforts of the company. Brent loved it. I can appreciate pretty paint jobs and corporate success but at the end of the day the function of a car is to get one from point A to point B. The Saturn we bought on E-bay for $5000 fulfilled that task the same as a $50,000 (used) BMW.
IMG_1407It is funny that for all the innovative requirements to create a successful product the name of BMW comes from something quite plain and unimaginative. BMV is an anagram for Bavarian Motor Factory – or Bayerische Motoren Werke.
The Munich Olympic area is right next door. The weather did not wish to cooperate so we simply observed the interesting cob-web like structures from the windows of BMW-Welt.


3 responses to “90E. Ultimate Driving Machine

  1. With your refreshing review of its modern aspects and your parents past quests for the “Hitleresque” the family has pretty well covered Munich. Any questions regarding what transpires in the Hofbrauhaus can of course be answered by Brenna who with her fellow scholars conducted intensive, practical in house research on this most pertinent and timely subject a year ago!

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