92E. sLOVEnia

20140509-221614.jpgMy brother accuses us of just making up names of countries and saying we are there – like Disney Princesses. You all need to know that sLOVEnia is a real country and so far we LOVE sLOVEnia (see what I’m doing there, with the capitals?) Today is our anniversary and we spent it in the beautiful resort town of Bled. This place was the summer playhouse of the aristocracy until about World War II and then the world seemed to forget about it.


Bled is the home of the gorgeous blue Lake Bled. The color of the waters should be enough to draw folks from near and far but there is far more. Atop a cliff, overlooking the town and lake is, of course, a castle. Nestled at the foot of the cliff is the steeple of a church – both picture perfect. At one point a city park was built around the town side of the lake and it has plenty of benches, perfect flower beds and swans. I don’t want to forget the ducks and their many cute duckling babies. Finally the piece de resistance is The Island. In the middle of the blue is a small island with a chapel. The kind of chapel that has been there before time started. This one is at least the 5th one on the site and they know others have been there since the 9th century.



Our plan for today consisted of one item – stroll around the lake. The children couldn’t believe it. No museums. No Rick Steve walk. No Junior Ranger badge. Nope, just stroll around the 3.5 mile path. The weather was perfect for walking and the skies were a great shade of blue with fluffy white clouds. The snow capped alps rounded out the scene. The stroll turned into the walk of 1,001 pictures since every angle seemed to display the lake in a way we just hadn’t quite captured before.


At the far end of the lake we hiked up a washed out path or a dry creek-bed so we could take even more pictures from a different angle. The sun was so very cooperative today.


We found that at the far end of the lake boat rentals were cheaper. The lake has a no-motor rule so all boats are row-boats. We had boats shaped like swans. We managed to get ourselves to the island to check out the church. There are 99 steps from the dock to the church. The tradition is for bridal couples to come to the island and the groom carries the bride up all 99 steps-80% are successful. If anyone is looking for a unique destination wedding site – this is the place. WE decided not to pay to view the church interior. Brody was distraught since they have a bell that if you get it to ring 3 times in a row with one pull – all your wishes will come true. Since we didn’t go in Brody pouted that now all his wishes were never going to come true.


We completed our lap around the lake and rewarded ourselves with an original dessert creation – Lake Bled Cream Cake. These were developed by the Sava restaurant in 1953 and have become an indigenous desert of the city. The dessert was excellent and the proportions left everyone satisfied.


True to form, we misinterpreted the bus schedule and found when we were ready to leave – we hade another 90 minutes to wait for a bus. However, Brent noticed a mini-van with a Taxi sign and rates to Ljubjana which were cheaper than the bus. Another couple was in the same bus waiting situation so we all went in together on the taxi. It was a cheaper, shorter ride with good company. The couple even chipped in way more than their share of the trip (Happy anniversary!). The taxi driver, Darko, is ready and willing to take our family anywhere we want to go for our stay in Ljubljana.

For an unique European vacation – think about sLOVEnia.


6 responses to “92E. sLOVEnia

  1. You did it just right, tell Brody his parents were right —- the inside of the church is underwhelming. The natural scenery is the thing, even the castle is a little ersatz and Tito’s mansion only appeals to those who are deep into socialist art!

  2. Love the picture of you two. Lake Bled is so beautiful and the walk is definitely worth the time.

  3. Happy Anniversary. Think I like this location the best of any you’ve visited. So beautiful.

  4. Understand from the contra blog that Elizabeth earned another Rick Steves’ Merit Badge ( Conning fellow travelers into paying your fare). Two thumbs up!

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