95E. Strong and Welcoming


The trains – the trains! They vex us every time. We were up early to catch our train to Zagreb – only a couple of hours away. We rode to the train station in the rental van from yesterday, it was such luxury. Immediately upon entering the station we learned the train would be 3 hours late. We camped out in the McDonalds and took advantage of the free wi-fi. The girls went into town to visit a brain-teaser store that had caught Scarlet’s eye and Brenna got her town post-card. Sometime around noon the train showed up and we were off to Zagreb, Croatia.


We had most of the afternoon and a beautiful day to explore this town which we know little about, save that it was a part of the former Yugoslavia. However, with our good friend Rick Steves we had a grand walk around their square, parliament, market, up-town, low-town and a couple of cathedrals. Brody really likes the coat of arms for the town – a castle with the gates open which means “We are strong, but we welcome visitors”.


During our walk through the square Brent was stunned to see a familiar face. Sitting under a lamp-post was a street performer we had watched in Prague. What’s this guy doing here? He wasn’t performing but it was definitely him – he has a unique look. Brenna took a picture of him, and he caught her. We were all too chicken to go up and say “Hey, we remember you!” Interesting to learn these guys travel from city to city.


The town has an interesting art installation. Near the main square is a big gold ball called “The Grounded Sun”. A different artist expanded on this concept and added “Nine Views” aka the planets. The planets are all to scale, in size and distance, throughout the town. If we had more time here there would be  scavenger hunt. So far we have seen Venus – thanks to Rick. There will be some Googling to see if any of the others are near places we are going to be.


2 responses to “95E. Strong and Welcoming

  1. Zagreb, now that’s another one of those funny made up names that George probably never told about at GCC. We noticed that we will be visiting northern Croatia in a couple of days wouldn’t it be just too funny if our paths crossed ? But then we are on some sort of coastal cruise on a small ship not “approved” by Rick Steves; now I’m all confused and have to lie down !

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