100E. Good Ole US of A


With only a few wrong turns and missed connections we successfully navigated 13 countries and a couple dozen European cities over the past 3 and a half months. The travel gods shined for our departure and we had an uneventful flight from Hungary – France – Chicago ending with tired people driving home in a rental car.

It seemed fitting that an in flight movie was Monuments Men. Thi was the telling of a small group of art curaters working to find/save European art from the Nazis during WWII. It was fun to see how many pieces and places we recognized – even Brody was into it. It was interesting to note that the two art “stars” of the movie were Madonna & Child by Michelangelo and the Ghent alterpiece by van Eyck. For some reason the movie did not point out the artist for Ghent – but it is Van Eyck. We came close to these two pieces but did not want to pay the fee for the six of us to see them. So thanks to the WWII fellows for saving them for humanity. Does it count we have seen the churches who house them?

We did have to laugh at a scene where a team member “meets Mr Rembrandt” and gazes on a recovered Rembrandt self-portrait. Through our travel we have learned that Rembrandt has about 100 self portraits – If the team had gone our of their way to save this one – well that would have been a waste of their time. A majority of the art was found in Neuschwanstein castle in Fussen – sadly they id not give the lovely castle it’s due in the movie.

Returning home feels almost effortless – it’s as if our lives were put on pause and we are ready to resume. I’m sure many people may wonder what it feels like to be back – well when you see my, ask me! It has been awesome to get notes from friends who gave ideas of where to go as well as notes about times we have hit the same destinations.

There may have to be an additional appendix to the blog for Special Acknowledgements. The list of friends and family who helped us during this journey is going to be incredibly long. It is overwhelming how generous in thought and deed people of been. Up to now we have only been able to say “Thank you” I hope to return our appreciation in a bigger way soon.

So we are home – please call, write, and reach out in any way – we have really missed our friends and family. Everyone always asks us “What was your favorite?” We will tell you. But we are going to have a question for you, “Have you been inspired to go see any of the fantastical places we stopped along our way?”

Finally for those of you with Friend blog withdrawal: brennafriend.blogSpot.com


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