We have been home for a little over a month. As  predicted, the most popular question asked is, “What was your  favorite.” followed by, “How is it fitting back in?” The answer to that is  simple, it is easy being back. In many ways nothing has changed and our last  year was like a small hiccup. For many friends who followed our journey,  here is a wrap up of how we are integrating back into life.
Murphy is still with his new owner and will not return to us. This was our  initial agreement and not a situation where our pet has been stolen.  However, less than two weeks ago Murphy’s owner had a house fire, sadly  other pets perished, the house will be rebuilt and Murphy has a great temporary home. IF you are so inclined think about donating to the Indiana Animal Protection League where Murphy’s owner volunteers in memory of the animals, Sable, Emma, Bert and Harley, that did not make it.
Brent and I are with our previous employers. Brent is in the same office but I  have been moved to a new cube. We are quickly getting back up to speed in a familiar environment. We were never guaranteed a place when we returned. However, good economic outlooks in both our industries and consistent communication with our employers paved the way for a smooth return.
School wrapped up for everyone. It may be that Arden had to cram a half of a semesters work into two weeks but she completed all her online courses and received all As. Scarlet has a few high school credits in math under her belt and Brody is signed up for 4th grade. If there are any questions about Brody’s qualifications, we are just going to pull out his Junior Ranger vest. I took a final for my Master’s over Memorial Day  weekend – passed.
The RV is now at Camper World in Greenwood just waiting for a new family. Please new family – come and get it. The gold car which we towed around the US is now ours for good – a consolation gift from my parents.
The house is slowly coming together. Our renters kept it so very well for us and we are so thankful. The renters left in April so we were able to immediately live in the house again. Because the house had toddlers the previous owners put away many of our knick knacks, I asked her to  not put everything back in place, I figured if I didn’t miss something, I could get rid of it. There have already been  trips to Goodwill and the church garage sale is going to get some fine items.

Now to plan for the next big thing…


4 responses to “Epilogue

  1. Elizabeth. Good to hear from you and of course was wondering how you all were doing. Although we did hear from Anne who said you were back at work. My wish for you is that all your upcoming hiccups be as interesting as the recent ones.

    Take care Myrna Sent from my iPhone


  2. The senior Kipps returned from Italy today and can only say that the afloat extension with Brenna and Scarlet was the best ever European adventure we have ever had! We were also blessed to have shared a true full up café meal with the entire crew in Zagreb !

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